Best IRA Accounts to Open in 2021

An individual retirement account (IRA) is an investment account that gives you amazing tax advantages for retirement savings. The two common types: Traditional IRA. This account allows you to invest pre-tax income. You’ll rollover your 401k into a traditional IRA whenever you leave a job. Currently, anyone younger than 70 ½ -years old is allowed to […]

6 Things Many Americans Get Wrong About Social Security / Social Security is a significant source of income for many retirees, but people often misunderstand even basic concepts behind this government program. Nearly 90% of American adults say they are at least somewhat confident in their knowledge of Social Security, according to the 8th Annual Social Security Consumer Survey from the Nationwide […]

“I don’t have time for that”: The time management secrets that launch 6-figure businesses

Recently, the IWT team asked over 275,000 readers how long they’ve been thinking about starting their own business. The answers we got blew us away: Isn’t it strange that more than half of people have been THINKING about starting a business…for years?  When we dug a little deeper, we started to see patterns that hold […]