How To Buy Assets: 7 Income Producing Assets (That Everyone Should Own)

Here’s the list of the 7 best income producing assets that you can invest in to start earning passive income. Certificates of deposit (CD’s) Bonds Real estate investment trusts (REITs) Dividend yielding stocks Property rentals Peer-to-peer lending Creating your own product When you’re ready to start and grow your own business, Earnable gives you all […]

The 15 Most In-Demand Jobs in the U.S.

Roman Samborskyi / Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on Filterbuy. Workers in the U.S. are currently experiencing one of the most favorable labor markets in years. The unemployment rate has climbed back to pre-pandemic levels, but around 11.5 million jobs were open as of early spring, a historic high. With so many open […]

7 Facts Most People Get Wrong About Social Security

pixelheadphoto digitalskillet / Social Security is a significant source of income for many retirees, but people often misunderstand even basic concepts behind this government program. For the Nationwide Retirement Institute’s 2022 Social Security Survey, 1,853 adults age 26 and older were asked about their attitudes and knowledge regarding Social Security. It uncovered significant gaps […]