An Encore? 5 Tips for a Second Career in Retirement

Dragana Gordic / Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on NewRetirement. For many retirees today, the secret to a successful retirement is an oxymoron; a successful retirement actually means work. But this type of work may look different than the career you’ve held for 40 years. Instead, there are a host of second careers […]

15 Cities Where Manufacturing Is Thriving

Gorodenkoff / Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on Construction Coverage. The health of the manufacturing sector in the U.S. has been a major focus of public attention in recent years, with populist political figures like Donald Trump on the right and Sen. Bernie Sanders on the left offering critiques of U.S. trade policy […]

The Top 11 Reasons People Retire Earlier Than Planned

Monkey Business Images / Some people can’t wait to retire. So they don’t. Millions of workers retire earlier than planned by choice. Other workers retire early because they have no choice, however. Either way, the reasons why they exit the rat race sooner than they previously had intended vary from person to person. Recent […]

15 Cities With the Most Productive Workers

Monkey Business Images / Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on HireAHelper. Despite the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic created for the U.S. economy over the last two years, recent months have shown major signs of positive economic news. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated that GDP increased by 7% in the final […]

The 15 Best-Paying U.S. Cities for Civil Engineers

New Africa / Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on Construction Coverage. All businesses and economies are built on infrastructure. Networks of roads, rail, bridges, ports, utilities, and more make it possible to provide goods and services across the country. Quality infrastructure helps lower the cost of supplies and transportation, which helps stimulate further […]

Don’t Count on Working in Retirement. Here’s Why.

SeventyFour / With rampant inflation and fears of a looming recession, people may be planning to work past retirement age to make up for any shortfalls in savings. Well over half (70%) of workers expect to work in some capacity during retirement, according to the latest Retirement Confidence Survey by the Employee Benefit Research […]

Selling Your Stuff? Don’t Fall for These 5 Negotiating Tricks

Pressmaster / You can almost smell it in the air. Selling season is here. This time of year, people start to liquidate piles of stuff that have accumulated in their basements, garages and storage spaces. Selling season means negotiating season. After nearly three decades of buying and selling vintage goods, I’ve seen every bargaining […]