Will Social Security Run Out of Money?

FabrikaSimf / Shutterstock.com The Social Security system of retirement benefits, begun in 1935, are a crucial underpinning of life for American retirees. For most people over 65, it’s undoubtedly hard to imagine life without this retirement benefit. About half of Americans 65 or older live in households that depend on Social Security benefits for half […]

What Income Level Is Considered Poverty in Your State?

Phovoir / Shutterstock.com How poor do you have to be before you’re in poverty? The answer is important because many social welfare programs determine eligibility by some measure of poverty — often based on the federal poverty guidelines. These include the Medicaid health insurance program and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which was previously […]

IRS Increases Tax Breaks for Gifts, Estates and Capital Gains

Dean Drobot / Shutterstock.com The income thresholds that trigger some important taxes are changing in 2023, the IRS has announced. The agency is making the changes to account for inflation. The moves will mostly impact wealthy taxpayers, although some folks in the middle class also likely will benefit. Following are definitions of the three key […]

15 Metros Where Construction Workers Can’t Afford Homes

Cineberg / Shutterstock.com Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on Construction Coverage. After slowing down at the beginning of the pandemic, the construction industry has bounced back, spurred on by the housing market boom. Construction employment reached 7.7 million in August, surpassing pre-COVID-19 levels, and nearly matching peak construction employment in 2006. With the signing […]

9 Ways to Screw Up a Job Search When You’re 50 or Older

Kues / Shutterstock.com Millions of Americans are job hunting during their 50s, 60s and beyond. Some of these seniors are looking for a job because they love to work. Others are sending out resumes for reasons ranging from pink slips to financial need. Seniors can be attractive job candidates. Many potential employers value older workers […]

Don’t Even Think About Buying Bank CDs. Here’s Why.

Krakenimages.com / Shutterstock.com If you’re the type who insists on the safety of bank money market accounts and certificates of deposit, your time has finally arrived. After years of waiting, you’re earning more than a pathetic pittance on your savings. But there’s a simple way to earn even more without taking on more risk: investing […]

9 Remote Jobs That Require Little or No Experience

fizkes / Shutterstock.com Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on Point2. Remote work is now more common than ever — a simple convenience born of a very inconvenient pandemic. While there are many more remote work opportunities than ever before, there’s much more competition for these jobs. Experience is important in an office or online. […]

13 Companies Posting the Most Remote Job Openings

DimaBerlin / Shutterstock.com American workers have spoken: They want to work from home whenever possible. Of course, some still enjoy office life. But surveys show that the majority of employees prefer to work remotely much of the time. While some companies are reluctant to embrace the work-from-home ethos, others are only too happy to let […]