Inverted Yield Curve: what is it and how does it predict disaster?

The inverted yield curve is a graph that shows that younger treasury bond yields are yielding more interest than older ones. And it’s TERRIFYING for financial pundits all over the world. It’s a graph that could mean the difference between a thriving bull market or the downswing of a bear market. AND it’s been known to […]

“Lets touch base” (and 6 other phrases you should NEVER say again + alternatives that work 100% better)

Studies made up by me have shown the average entrepreneur spends 90% of their lifetime writing emails; with so much time spent writing emails, entrepreneurs should know how to write good ones without overused words and phrases… right? *crickets* That’s fine, because in this post I’m going to show you the absolute worst, cliche things […]

15 Cities With the Most Construction Worker Jobs

Jon Rehg / Construction workers remain a vital component of the American workforce, driving economic growth through their work in essential sectors. Their efforts serve as a foundation for federal administration initiatives aimed at expanding the supply of residential housing and bolstering a waning American manufacturing industry. By building the houses, buildings and infrastructure […]

4 Things Motivating People to Retire — and 4 Reasons They Continue Working – Yuri A / Are you ready to retire? Or would you prefer to work for many years to come? Each of us has our own answers to these questions. But what lies behind those responses? Recently, The Harris Poll asked more than 1,000 adults to describe the factors that motivate them to […]